A New Direction

Set at the edge of The Broads National Park, with rivers all along its district borders, 15 miles of coastline facing east and miles of green rolling Norfolk countryside in between, Great Yarmouth is a seaside resort set in a lush rural landscape, with marshes, arable and agricultural farmland.
One Norfolk farming family works the land near Hemsby, and wanted to get involved with the local tourism industry. They decided to see how they could turn some of their acreage into a farming tourist attraction and supplement their income at the same time.
Open at Easter when lambing season is underway and again in summer when the Maize maze has grown to its full exciting potential, with plenty of space for families to run and play, Farmer Richard explains how their farm has become intertwined with the local tourism industry, and how running a tourist attraction has become just as much a part of their lives as tending to their pigs and cattle.
The satisfaction Richard and his family get from showing their farm by the sea to town dwellers, city folk and more local visitors, explaining how food really gets from farm to fork is enormous, and made more so by knowing they’re now part of Greater Yarmouth’s tourism industry.