At home in the wild – Behind the scenes in Greater Yarmouth

Thrigby Hall Wildlife Gardens in Filby near Great Yarmouth is no ordinary zoo, and conservationist Ken, is no ordinary man. Find out more about his passion for wildlife at


Inspired by Sir David Attenborough, Ken’s life-long love affair with conservation and Asian mammals in particular started when he was just a boy. On his return from Malaya in 1976, Ken bought Thrigby and resolved to make it the kind of place where he, and his visitors could really see the animals. The zoo is focused on Asian animals and is home to big cats, leopards, monkeys and birds, and really is the perfect size for every visitor to be able to see, and for Ken to be able to greet his animals daily.


Ken was awarded an honorary fellowship from the Zoological Society of London in 2015, he first became involved with the Society in the 1960s, supplying animals to them when he was working as a rubber planter in Malaya. Having returned to the UK and having opened Thrigby Hall Wildlife Garden in 1979, Ken became more closely involved, serving on committees and working with London and Whipsnade Zoos through the British Zoos’ Federation. He became a Trustee of the Zoological Society of London in 1994, has been Vice President three times and also chaired the London Zoo Board and the Zoos’ Advisory Committee.  Ken is a former Chairman of the British Zoos’ Federation and has represented the federation on the committee of the European Association of Zoos.


Greater Yarmouth is blessed to have had such a passionate and renowned conservationist at the helm of Thrigby Hall Wild Life Gardens for so many years.