Holkham Hall

Holkham Hall

Holkham Hall and Estate is a privately owned property in Wells-next-to-the-Sea, in the heart of Norfolk. Although the home welcomes visitors, it is the lived in family home of Viscount Coke and his family and two other families. The house is closed during winter but throughout the rest of the year it is a must see attraction on your Norfolk holiday. A member of the Treasure Houses group, that is made up of 10 of the grandest houses in the UK.

Holkham house has a magnificent heritage and is full to the brim with paintings, statues, books and furniture are held in high acclaim from all corners of the world, loaning art items to museums and galleries as far as the USA and Japan. You will get the opportunity to look around the majority of the house, apart from the private rooms of the families that live there. Walk through 10 magnificent rooms, including The Chapel, The Saloon and the very quaint Old Kitchen Room.

On spring and summer days, the walled gardens are beautiful to walk around, with miles of flora and fauna to delight the senses. Their first step visitors will take is through Italian ironwork gates which were brought from Venice in 1908 and into one of the seven sections, known as ‘rooms’. You can walk through the grounds of the house or hire a bicycle to see the whole of the estate. There are cafes and playgrounds to rest and relax whilst the children roam about and the wonderful park has a variety of nature trails to take you on an adventure. The park is home to many species of wildlife, including beautiful Fallow Deer and Red Deer.
If all of that was not enough, the estate now has a variety of lakeside activities to keep children entertained at a leisurely pace. Take a ride on a small riverboat or take a nature trail to spot insects, amphibians and freshwater fish and eels.

There is an education centre for schools and families, or for anybody that wants to learn more about this magnificent hall, that will certainly give you a taste of hen highlife.

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