The London Pass

The London Pass is a unique way to explore the city of London, allowing you the ultimate sightseeing experience. If you are planning a trip to London, you may be worrying about how you will fit everything you want to do in, and how you will afford to pay for everything. With a London Pass, the stress is taken away, along with a fair few pounds of your money.

The London Pass gives you entry to over 60 of London’s top tourist attractions, including Windsor Castle, The Tower of London and Westminster Abbey. As well as stand alone attractions, you can also enjoy structured tours and a Thames River Cruise, among sure you cram as much as possible into your visit. One thing that bugs most people about popular tourist attractions is long queues to get in. By purchasing a London Pass, you can skip the long queues to buy tickets and enjoy fast track access to some of the most busy attractions. The London Pass team has teamed up with many top attractions, such as London Zoo and Kensington Palace to give pass holders priority access into the attraction.

You can buy your London Pass ahead of your trip, giving you piece of mind that all of your travel and attraction needs are arranged before you arrive. Once you have your pass in hand, all that you need to do is show your pass at the ticket office or entrance to your attractions and away you go. Less time organising and queuing means more time soaking up fun and educational activities. You can either buy a pass that will see you through your whole stay or simply buy a pass one day at a time, if you do want a little more flexibility. For extra ease of getting around, you can add an Oyster Card onto your London Pass package, so that you can get around on the tide hassle free.

For a fuss free, line free and frown free trip to London, you know that a London Pass makes sense.

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