Selfridges Department Store


Selfridges is an iconic department store situated in the heart of London’s West End. The Oxford Street store changed the face of British shopping as it brought a variety of shops under one roof, making it the ultimate shopping experience. It brought the concept of browsing, window shopping and stylising clothes into the mainstream and still leads the way today.

Harry Gordon Selfridges founded the store and straightaway won praise for his innovative outlook on the retail experience. Shopping was no longer about buying what you needed but for showcasing retail theatre and cutting edge technology. If a product or event was newsworthy, Selfridges had it first. Opening the world to a new way of shopping, Selfridges continues to set trends and lead the way in the department store world.

Over 60 languages are spoken on the shop floor of Selfridges and the store caters for every walk of life, whether they have £50 or £50,000 to spend. At Selfridges, everybody is welcome and the customer is always right. With a customer focused outlook and constant feedback being taken onboard, the store delivers exactly what customers want.

With a huge collection of luxury bags and leather goods as well as the largest shoe collection in the world, the choice at Selfridges is second to none. With over 100,000 pairs of shoes and over 200 brands available in the women’s collection alone! The women’s design wear department is also a major trend setter, with designers such as Stella McCartney, Erdem and Alexander McQueen having exclusive collections in store. Brands like Dior and Chanel will showcase new products and initiative in Selfridges, before rolling it out in other stores.

The ‘Wonder Room’ in the stores basement is an amazing 20,000 square feet space filled with luxury jewellery and watches. Brands, including Cartier and Tiffany, proudly display some of their most prized products and smaller, independent producers strive to get a spot in the room. Another fantastic space is ‘The Denim Studio ‘ an area that boasts the largest collection of Denim in the world and even includes the opportunity to shop with a specialised denim personal shopper. No longer will you have to wear ill fitting jeans or clash with double denim!

High quality cafes and food halls filled with artisan food products will ensure that you do not go hungry and you can sample food from all around the world.

Shopping at Selfridges is a customer experience like no other, continuing to set the pace for other retailers and put thousands of smiles on customers faces, make sure you visit on your next London trip.

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