The Last Souvenir

A stick of rock is true seaside tradition and will always be associated with the seaside as one of the last souvenirs bought to take home for friends and family. This minty, stripy tradition has been rolled out in Great Yarmouth for generations.

Stephen’s granddad was a Yarmouth entrepreneur, and set up Docwra’s rock shop in 1896 with the idea even then that their rock shop would be a tourist attraction, showing people how this sugary treat was made.  Stephen’s family has been producing rock and handmade chocolates ever since.

Making rock takes a fair amount of manpower, and is definitely a young man’s game. No-one’s quite sure how it came to be, but it was invented more than 100 years ago at about the same time that the railway came to Great Yarmouth and when people started having holidays.

Stephen explains the process and shows just exactly how it’s still done today in Great Yarmouth, with grandparents bringing their grandchildren back to the shop to watch just as they did when they were kids all those years ago.