The Turning Tide – Behind the scenes in Greater Yarmouth

Hemsby is a popular seaside village resort in Greater Yarmouth next to the tiny village of Newport, home to thousands of happy tourists who return every year for sun, sea and sand.

The holiday village made the headlines in December 2013 when the largest tidal surge for 60 years hit seven cliff-top homes as well as the lifeboat station and swept them away with one great wave into the North Sea.

Local seafront publican, Lorna tells the story of how the whole village came together that night to help the occupants rescue what possessions they could from the destruction and later formed Save Hemsby Coastline.

Coastal erosion is a constant challenge for those living near the sea. But just as Mother Nature takes away, she also gives back – a second large storm several weeks later put back huge volumes of sand removed during the tidal surge returning the beach to its former sandy glory, leaving Hemsby minus several houses but with a surge of community spirit to fight on to save the coastline.