Treat – shop ‘til you drop in Greater Yarmouth

Shopping for a special occasion, to relax or simply because you’re on holiday couldn’t be easier in Greater Yarmouth. Plan your retail therapy session at

Lucy’s on a mission as she journeys around Greater Yarmouth with a specific list in mind. Someone’s planning a treat.
Sausages and burgers from the butchers, freshly baked bread rolls at the bakery, a beautiful bouquet of flowers at the florist and several bags of shopping from the out of town retail park.
Specialist shopping for colourful fishing flies, a reviving cup of tea, seduced by a punnet of ripe, plump strawberries from a stall on the market, a foray into a gift emporium then a very special purchase at the jewellers on Northgate Street.

A final pick-up at the cake shop, then on to reveal all – it’s Grandad’s birthday and the family are gathered to help celebrate the occasion at his holiday chalet.

Featured in this short film: Bradwell Butchery; Copeland Bakery, Gorleston-on-Sea; Arcade Florist in the Victorian Arcade; Gapton Hall out of town retail park, Pownalls & Sons on Regent Road; East Coast Café, Great Yarmouth Market, Bizarre Bizarre on Regent Street; Cox and Sons on Northgate Street and Kirsty’s Cakery in Anna Sewell’s House on Church Plain. Party filmed at Parklands Holiday Park, Hemsby.